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SST's skill set is rare and much-needed. Their combination of technical expertise, local church experience, and love for the kingdom of God equipped him to help our new church get wired from the ground up. They knew what we do, how we work and what we needed, and they delivered a perfect set-up. Their personalized service saved us headaches and helped us get a fast start. Bravo Sight and Sound Technologies!
Rob Brendle
Senior Pastor - Denver United Church
...thank you so much for coming out and serving us last month. It really was a huge help for the volunteer's at Fox Meadow. Our sound literally has never been as good as it is now.
Tyler Krause
Worship Pastor - Fox Meadow Church
SST came to our town and set up our entire sound and media system customized for our specific needs. We needed quality products at a reasonable price, and SST delivered. They also tailored our equipment to be "move-friendly" as we currently transport our equipment weekly. Moreover, I sense that SST's work is fueled by a desire to see the kingdom of God manifest as the church allows sights and sounds to usher us into the presence of God.
Bailey D. Barkley
Lead Pastor - The Journey UMC
I am a rural pastor in Colorado. When I first met SST, we were having our regular problems with our sound system. I had had another company give us a quote, but it was outrageous. Then SST came in and evaluated all of our equipment. They had us up and running in a very short period of time, and even came to teach a sound clinic with our team to ensure success for everyone. Their honest pricing for the gear we needed was very affordable. Our sound system has never sounded so good, and itŐs much easier to operate. ĘThe most amazing thing about working with SST was they were like a part of our ministry team and very careful to make sure God was glorified in everything they did. SST is a true minister of the gospel first, and the best audio/video minister you can add to your team. It has been a privilege to highly recommend this ministry.
Bill Wisener
Pastor - Oasis Of Hope Church